Small-scale aquaculture in Otjozondjupa Region (Namibia)

Photo credit: Kaulo Salushando (Namibia) – Review: Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website)

The inserted pictures show the harvest of a small fish farm located in Otjozondjupa Region (Namibia). Based on official publications, the fish farmers in the Otjozondjupa region who are mostly private individuals who are culturing fish for subsistence or recreational purposes.

According to FAO statistics, fish production from aquaculture in Namibia -excluding aquatic plants- amounted 515, 505, and 461 tons in 2014, 2015, and 2016 respectively.

While farmed oyster dominates the total aquaculture production (86.3% in 2016), tilapia is the leading freshwater species with a production of 65, 50, and 46 tons during the period from 2014 to 2016 respectively representing 12.6, 9.9, and 10% of total aquaculture during the mentioned period. Minor quantities are produced whether in freshwater or marine water including African catfish, mussel and abalones. According to the National Aquaculture Master Plan for Namibia, the analysis and challenges for developing the potential of freshwater aquaculture was completed leading to the establishment of a series of Inland Aquaculture Centers and farms in some regions in Namibia including Otjozondjupa region.


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