Shrimp and squids in Pamulang fish market, Banten Province (Indonesia)

Credit: Anna Jamil (Indonesia)      Description: Anna Jamil and Abdel Rahman El Gamal

The two photos show the display of shrimp and squid in an Indonesian traditional fish market. The market is located in Pamulang, Banten Province. It is obvious as shown in the photos that both products especially shrimp are on ice for quality preservation.

Shrimp shown the photo is white Shrimps (penaeus merguiensis), which is usually farmed in Indonesia. As expected, shrimp sizes and so prices may vary considerably. The second photo shows the display of squids in the same fish market.

Squids in Indonesian markets are caught from any of the spots for squid fishing. The coral reef areas in Jakarta Bay, Takabonarate and Nusa tenggara Barat are among the principal squid spots in Indonesia.

Shrimp in Indonesian fish market Squids in Indonesian fish market




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