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Dedication of the auditorium, WorldFish Center – 2010

After retirement: Dedicating the center’s auditorium in recognition of Dr. El Gamal leadership of the canter’s capacity building program. The Deputy Director General, Dr Patrick Dugan has  headed the ceremony that took place on 10 June, 2010 at the WorldFish Center station at Abbassa, Egypt.    

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The World Fish Center Board of Trustees Staff Award

Board of Trustees Staff Award, WorldFish Center – 2004 Board of Trustees (2004) Staff Award for Research. The award was delivered by the Director General, Dr Stephen Hall in a ceremony held at Abbassa, Egypt.  

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Planning of Aquaculture Projects

This presentation addresses the key elements in the planning process of aquaculture projects. The importance of site selection along with water requirements have been focused on. Also, fish candidates in relation to production as well as market elements have been focused on. Classifying farming systems have been attempted. For illustration purposes, case studies have been …

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Egyptian Aquaculture – from regional and global perspectives

This presentation starts with an overview on world fish production as sorted into fishery resources, species and continents. Egyptian aquaculture is the focus of the presentation including production and development trends and requirements. Fish consumption and trade have been addressed. The relationship Egyptian fishery with regional and global fish production has been highlighted. Egyptian aquaculture …

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Biodiversity of Aquatic Organisms (importance, limitation, and conservation) – In Arabic

This 4-chapter book covers: The effect of the introduction, pollution and human activities on the aquatic biodiversity The effects of human activities and environmental changes on the biodiversity of aquatic organisms Genetics effects (hybridization and competition, aquaculture & fisheries and genetic variation, genetic variation in relation to human activities and stock enhancement programs) Predation in …

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Environmentally Friendly Cage Piloting Project in River Nile

This 4-chapter book covers: Growing contributions of Nile cage farming to Egyptian aquaculture and total fish production Growing environmental concerns which coped with the development of cage aquaculture that ended with the banning of the practice in spite of conflicting opinions Detailed assessment of the practice since beginning Recommended piloting including methodology, environmental monitoring and …

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