Jan 07 2014

Stray animals on fish farms

Credit for the bubbies’ photo: Water use mission in Egypt (Hans van Zon – the Netherlands)

Credit for the nursing cat photo: friends who participated in Fish Culture Development during 2009

Bubbies on fish farm Kitten on a fish farm

In open fish farms, some wild animals may visit and/or stay on the farm especially when the farm provides favorable and safe stay including sheltering and food. Common wild animals of concern are dogs and cats. The photos show how bubbies and kittens are staying peacefully on fish farming facilities.

While wild dogs could serve in guarding, there are some concerns about possible transmitted diseases especially rabies.  Based on field observations, it may be of interest to know that, scaring the stray dogs to leave the farm premises was temporarily possible while the matter seems more difficult with the dogs that were born on the farm as if they stick to their place of birth with no other home.




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