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Introductory Message (July 2010)

This Little Home

This corner should be my favorite place. Here where we talk and exchange views far from business. In this place I should be able to allocate enough time and efforts to my friends and students and where I welcome new comers who may feel I can provide them with some information on aquaculture or fisheries as long as not business oriented. I promise I do my best to respond in due time. Some of you may remember talking to you in Egypt during the end of training courses about my personal happiness and appreciation for the opportunity I have enjoyed during the training program and subsequent interacts with wonderful people as yourselves. I should admit I am enjoying –till now- my retirement especially when getting closer to the family. I am fortunate for being involved in some selected technical projects which proved to be extremely helpful during this transition period. The core of this site clearly tells I plan to continue working on selected projects when chances arise. However, a main part of my personal happiness will be in this corner where we can talk and interact on various issues but not business. When daily life turns too quiet and phones cease ringing for extended period, one feels missing friends and gets anxious to listen from, to talk to and try to support friends in their carrier if I can. That is why I have this corner. I will post my personal activities in this corner and I will be more than happy to hear from you. If you visit and wish to say hello, you may drop few lines.

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