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A New Message to Friends (May 2011)

This Little Home – A new message to friends

I waited that long (10 months) before sticking this new message. I should admit that this corner continues to be my favorite place where I interact with friends and remember the good days. During the past 10 months I have carried out several tasks which made me little busy. I discovered that it is healthy to move from busy to relaxing from time to time. I use a part of my less busy days, working on the Arabic-English glossary in order to upload it hopefully soon. My real happiness if you find some value in this glossary. As promised, I was able and will continue to upload my presentations for general use. I hope it will be at the level to meet your expectation.

During the past few months I delivered series of lectures in few training courses which is a real enjoyment. In the present, I am teaching in the “Warm Water Fish Production” training course which is organized by the Egyptian International Center for Agriculture (EICA) and supported by JICA. There are 16 African participants from 7 countries in this course who are really a wonderful group.

On Sunday (May, 15), I travelled to Abbassa to deliver two lectures to Egyptian trainees. I felt very much touched when I found that my office is still there carrying my name sign and I used the office after 18 months of retirement. In fact, I requested my colleagues in World Fish to take off the sign. They were kind enough to let me open the training course the same way I used to do for 11 years. By the way, with the support of the World Fish Center, I finished a review on the training activities that took place in Abbassa from 1999 – 2009. If you are interested, you may follow the following link:

On personal level, things are quite for most of the time except when my kids and grandchildren visit. My wife and I continue to wait for these visits and enjoy few noisy days. Sometime in July, I expect a family gathering where flying birds (travelling kids) will be home. I am doing fine although I have put some weight and so I start morning or evening walk.

That may be enough for now. While hoping you are doing very well, it will be a real pleasure to hear from you from time to time. If you visit and wish to say hello, you may click here.

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