To whom I met in the “Tuna Harbor Fish Market” in San Diego: Thank you



DSC04219 Kathy Couta (Fish market in San Diego) Kawika Chetron (Fish market in San Diego) DSC04241




















I am almost sure that friends whom I thank here are not going to read this post. However, I owe them all a big thank you.  Even though they were somehow busy in their fish displays selling their fishery products, they were able to find the time to answer my questions. I should admit, the information obtained was very useful to me for knowing how open fish market operates and how fishermen sell their fish and a lot more.

Since one day remains in my 40-day visit to USA, I hate to leave before thanking you all for your time and apology for not knowing some names; I should have insisted to thank you by names. I feel really sorry.

Thanks to Mrs. Kathy Couta, brothers Andrea and Ken, Mr. Kawika Chetron, and Mr. Norm – They are shown in the attached pictures.


Abdel Rahman El Gamal




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