Actions taken against illegal fishing in Burundi

Photos’ credit: Photos’ credit: Jean-Marie Manirambona (Burundi)

Review: Jean-Marie Manirambona and Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website)

Illegal fish size in Buruni destroying illegal fishing gears in Burundi






The two inserted pictures show a routine activity carried out by Fisheries Department towards the enforcement of fishing regulations. Whenever a fishing violation is spotted, the illegal fishing gears are seized and destroyed such as by burning as shown in the picture. Those individuals who committed the fishing violations are subjected to an imprisonment for a year or two. The most common fishing violations are the use of prohibited nets for catching illegal fish sizes. The photos’ collection shows the event of destroying gears was done in public and witnessed -according to people’s uniforms- by fishery officials, police and media. The violators also witnessed the burning of their illegal gears. The violation took place in Lake Tanganyika.




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