Aug 04 2013

Home-stead ornamental fish rearing units in Kerala State (India)

Credit: G. Venkata Raju  (India)        Review:  G. Venkata Raju and Abdel Rahman El Gamal

The two photos show a model of homestead farms that are run by rural unemployed people in their homes. These farms are engaged in ornamental fish production.  These farms are linked to satellite farms that provide fish seedlings as well as the infrastructures. In turn, the production from the homestead farms will be taken back by satellite farms. This activity comes under the umbrella of a Kerala government initiative; Kerala Aqua ventures International Limited (Kavil). The initiative targets to produce and export ornamental fish of particular species to meet the growing demands.

Homestead ornamental farm (India) 01 Homestead ornamental farm (India) 02


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