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Sherif Sadek

Sherif S. SADEK biographical note:


During 1986-1987, he has obtained a grant research study on the crustacean aquaculture at Auburn University, USA (Department of Fisheries and Allied Aquaculture). In 1998, he has passed an exam on the fresh water prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) culture, to obtain the degree of Docteur de l’INP from the Institut National Polytechnique (INP), Toulouse France. Since 1991, and till today, he was assigned as the creator and general manager of the firm “Aquaculture Consultant Office (ACO)”. Sadek has been nominated as a consultant for different projects in North Africa and Arab countries. Since 2010 he is a partner and the general manager of the Egyptian-Franco mariculture company (Egymarine co.), in Manzala lake, Egypt. He has published around 40 complete scientific papers in different international journals and also 35 short papers in different local and international aquaculture conferences. Sadek has been nominated to be the vice president for two Egyptian NGO, the Egyptian Aquaculture Society (EgAS) and the West Port-Said Aquaculture Cooperative (WestPAC).



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