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Mar 24 2015

Jellyfish processing and export in SriLanka

Photo credit:Tim Huntington (UK) Technical review: Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website)           This jellyfish resource remains un-utilized for many years until an emerging demand on jellyfish showed up and led to a significant activity in SriLanka within a relatively short time. In order to meet the increasing demand, …

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Jun 25 2012

Pacific sea nettle (Chrysaora fuscescens) – Video

This video was taken in Monterey Bay Aquarium, USA The Pacific sea nettle, Chrysaora fuscescens which lives in the Pacific Ocean is a free-floating, large jellyfish with a bell of up to about 30-50 cm across in diameter. It has four long oral arms surrounding its mouth. Sea nettles have bright distinctive colors which make them a popular …

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