Integrated fish-geese culture in Tanzania (Video)

Video credit: Emmanuel Godfrey Maneno and Mashaka Shabani Kapagalla (Tanzania)

Review: Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the video channel)

Integrated fish-geese culture in Tanzania


The farm shown in the video is located in Malela Mukuranga (Said Farm). The birds shown in this video have been brought from a private farm. African catfish and Nile tilapia are the two species grown in the pond. In addition to the natural food that is stimulated by the dropping of geese, fish receive supplemental feed which is the same feed provided to the geese. In general, geese are primarily herbivores and usually eat tender grasses and plant materials, such as roots, leaves, stems and sprouts. Farm-raised geese may eat wheat, rice corn and feed pellets.

It worth mentioning that the culture of geese integrated with fish farming has been practiced on a very limited/trial scale in East European countries and in some Asian countries. The same is true for trying this type of integration in Africa such as in Madagascar and Tanzania where this video has been filmed. In general, the stocking density of geese and the live weight production vary significantly between such initiatives of integration.


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