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May 17 2012

Selective breeding in fish

The 3-slide bite introduces the concept of fish selection in addition to the additive genetic variance VA. The illustrations included show the selection process over several generations and how means of selected populations move rightward till the selection plateau is reached. [important]Selective breeding in fish[/important]

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May 17 2012

Selection and sexual dimorphism in fish

This single slide began with the definition of sexual dimorphism and the importance of the phenomenon in selection programs. The illustrations as represented in natural distribution for two sexes of a given species demonstrating the necessity of having independent cut-off values for each sex otherwise a particular sex could dominate selected population. [important]Selection and sexual …

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May 17 2012

Response to selection and selection intensity in fish

This single illustrated slide shows a normal distribution of a population and demonstrates the relationship between the response to selection and the selection differential that is directly related to selection intensity. The concerns about possible impact of small selected portion on inbreeding has been highlighted. [important]Response to selection and selection intensity[/important]

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May 14 2012

Fish selection (trend and plateau)

This information bite illustrates the accumulated gain over generations through selection. The bite also describes the factors that influence the response to selection which are namely heritability coefficient and selection differential. The illustration shows the declining gain (response to selection) till reaching the plateau whereas no gain could be achieved unless variation is created naturally …

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