Establishment of a tilapia hatchery at the National Aquaculture Centre, Zomba (Malawi)

Credit: G.H. Mulaleya (Malawi)

The photo shows the indoor facility of a fish hatchery which has been established in April 2010 the National Aquaculture Centre (NAC) at Domas, Zomba. The hatchery has been supported with the support from USAID through the Department of Fisheries. The hatchery includes three units which are namely broodstock unit, incubation unit and the nursery.  Tilapia fingerlings amounted more than 2 million in 2010. The founder is represented by a total number of 2500 broodstock which were collected from the wild. It may worth mentioning that under the FAO-TCP, four catfish hatcheries have been established as pilot private sector hatcheries initiative.

 Malawi - tilapia hatchery


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