Historic information- Herring fishery in London during 1935 and before

Source: The heart of England        by: Ivor Brown       year:1935

The description related to the photos reads: East Anglian chronicles are written, so to speak, in herring-bone. Herring were once currency on those shores; rents were paid in them and international affrays followed the Dutchmen’s pursuit of the shoals into English waters. “The fishery”, wrote Nashe of herrings in 1567, “is a great nursery for seamen and brings more ships to Yarmouth than assembled at Troy to fetch back Paris. That town had forty brewers in employ for thirsty fishers. But now the herring-trade, though great, does not suffice its workers. Appeals are made to Parliament and public for remedy; the first must act, the second must eat, that Yarmouth and many similar harbours, closely dependent on the herring, may be saved.

The caption for the two photos reads: “The herring fleet, in action and repose”

London - herring fleet (01) London - herring fleet (02)



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