Culture of Indian white shrimp, Penaeus indicus in Egypt: Pond preparation prior to stocking (1 out of 6)

Credit: Sherif Sadek and Mohamed Sabry, ACO, Egypt

The photos show an important process in the preparation of an earthen pond prior to the stocking of the juveniles of Indian white prawn, Penaeus indicus. In this phase of preparation, chlorine solution of effective strength is applied to water bodies left after draining and to any suspect places which could have unwanted and/or left-over of fish or crabs which could pose series threat to the stocked shrimp juveniles. One of the photos shows the collected crabs after the chlorine treatment. This farm is located in the triangle area along Port Said/Damietta road, Egypt.


Shrimp pond preparation (01) chlorine

Shrimp pond preparation (02) chlorine Shrimp pond preparation (03) crabs

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