Red Sea fishes – Steinitz Goby, Amblyeleotris steinitzi (Distribution – description – feeding)

The Steinitz Goby, Amblyeleotris steinitzi is also known as Steinitz’ Prawn Goby, that is a small size species which belongs to the family Gobiidae. It is found from the shallow parts of the Red Sea through the Indian Ocean to the western Pacific Ocean. The species inhabits sandy bottoms on seaward reefs and is found at moderate depth of about 20 meters. The Steinitz Goby is hardy and highly disease resistant species.

Steinitz’ goby has an elongated body with protuberant eyes.  Its body is white with about five broad, transverse, reddish-brown bands with some fine pale yellow lines between them.       

The species lives in association with analpheid shrimp where both animals share a large burrow system in which the shrimp does all the excavation in a sandy or silty area of the seabed. The shrimp being a detritus feeder that constantly disturbs the sediments and hence exposes organisms which the Steinitz’ goby feeds upon including mainly small invertebrates and other edible matters.

In aquariums, the Steinitz’ goby requires a meaty diet and could be fed live, fresh and frozen brine shrimp, mysis, finely chopped fish or shrimp flesh.

Red Sea Fishes (Steinitz Goby)




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