Intensive tank culture of tilapia in Mexico

Credit: Kevin Fitzsimmons (USA)

The picture shows an intensive tilapia farm in which round tanks are used. This farm is located outside of Abasolo, Tamaulipas.

This farm uses a gravity-fed water supply from the Vicente Guerrero irrigation canal. The tanks are drained through a center standpipe and supplemental aeration is provided using oxygen injection. The farm has an on-site feed mill. Fish processing is completed at the farm with freezing and packaging available. The processing plant brings in other freshwater and marine products, as the tilapia production has not reached the capacity of the processing facilities.


References: Fitzsimmons K. 2000. Tilapia aquaculture in Mexico. Pages 171–183 in B.A. Costa-Pierce and J.E. Rakocy, eds. Tilapia Aquaculture in the Americas, Vol. 2. The World Aquaculture Society, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States.

Intensive tilapia farm in Mexico



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