Popular dish of live octopus (Sannakji) in Korea

Photo credit: Kevin Fitzsimmons (USA)

Review: Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website)

The dish of live octopus in which is called Sannakji is quite poplar in Korea. This dish is easy to find at most restaurants that serve raw fish or in fish markets. This unique dish has been placed among the tourism attractions. Sannakji is made of either baby or medium-size octopus.  Some people who witnessed this for the first time may feel comfortable trying it especially when thinking about the bite-sized tentacles of the chopped octopus moving in their mouths. However, adventurous eaters enjoy dipping the pieces of live octopus into one of two common sauces; either sesame oil and salt (gireumsogeumjang), or red chili pepper paste and vinegar (chogochujang). Most reviews on eating live octopus came from Noryangjin Fish Market in Seoul.

Eating live octopus in Korea



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