Sustainability of “subienda” fish stocks in Colombia – Video

Credit: Andres Delgado (Colombia)


Sabaleta in ColombiaThe video was made during November 2013 in the municipality of Ricaurte, Nariño Department, Colombia. The day was the day of “subienda”, (Brycon henni) that belongs to the Characidae family. This benthopelagic/pelagic species is endemic to Colombia and found in Trans-Andean river basins of Colombia. During the spawning season, fish go upstream to spawn. During the spawning migration of the species, the residents (especially the youth) head to the nearest river for the easy catching of the spawners using sheets, nets or even with their bare hands. The event shown in the video was an educational event designed to educate people about the harm which their practice can cause against the sustainability of this fishery resource which has economic value when caught using fishing rod and bait. This species has also an economic value for aquaculture in Colombia.



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