Sea lion show in the Sea World, San Diego, California (USA) – Video


This 8-min video was filmed at the sea lion and otter stadium in the Sea World, San Diego, California, USA. The full show is about twice as long as the current video. The interaction between the audience and the performers along with the well- trained sea lions is high as the whole show is entertaining the audience who usually attend earlier and book places through which they can see better.

What is not seen in this show, is the animal rights activists who quite often stand close to the entrance of the Sea World calling to free the animals and turn them to the environments.

In return, the Sea World highlights the effort paid in conserving several of endangered species which are released into wild. They allocate significant live displays for educational purposes, through which visitors learn and even touch selected species of fish. It seems the debate is going to continue between.

You are invited to see this video while your position related to that debate remains yours



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