The role of women in the value chain of artisanal fisheries in Liberia

Photo credit: David Elliott (Mac Alister Elliott & Pts.) – UK

Review: Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website)


Liberian women buying fish


Whether women seen in the inserted photo are heading to buy fish for their families or for trade, the Liberian women play an important role in the artisanal fisheries sector. They may support the fishermen especially when faced with difficulties such as the loss or damage of fishing gears or canoes. Women may lend fishermen money or buy fishing equipment required to ensure that they are back on waters. Moreover, Liberian women are usually engaged in fish processing and marketing activities.

As in most African countries, fishermen do the fishing and fix the fishing gear and boat; while women take over once the fish is unloaded from the boats whether through buying the catch or –in case of the wives of fishermen- transport and market the catch, and in some cases transform it into dried or salted fish.

Aside from fishing activities, women often feel more secure when move in groups especially in relatively distant trips.






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