Passing by a penguin community in the SeaWorld (San Diego), California – Video


This video was filmed from a moving walkway in the penguin counter (Sea World – San Diego) on 26 December, 2014. This encounter was first opened in 1983. The walkway allowed watching and filming with no crowd at the glass.

The encounter hosts some hundreds of birds which belong to several penguin species. Out of which, the “Emperor Penguin”; the species of particular importance as it is believed that this species is kept in captivity in very few places in the world. Also, the penguin chicks including those for the “Emperor penguin” demonstrate the successful captive breeding program of the “Emperor penguin” whereas the first hatched emperor was in 1982. Since then, more of emperor penguins have been hatched and raised at SeaWorld San Diego.

You can watch birds standing, walking and swimming and close to the end of this video, one can observe a penguin bird while shooting through the water of the deep pool. The video shows the encounter staff while caring about the birds.



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