Boat building along the coast of Volta Lake (Ghana)

Photo credit:David Elliott (Mac Alister Elliott & Pts.) – UK

Review: Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website)

Boat building in Ghana

The inserted picture shows the boat building of a typical boat to be operated in Volta Lake (Ghana). Such boats can be in fishing as well as in carrying feed to cages in Volta Lake.

The wooden boats are built by professional carpenters (boat builders) whereas there are common timber species used in boat building in Ghana:

Wawa (Obeche), Triplochiton sclerozylon (lightweight timber, non-durable)

It has a high strength to weight ratio. The wood can tolerate salt water and dries out well, popular in boat building.

Odum (Iroko), Chlorophora excelsa (hard, medium weight, durable)

Used in boat and ship building, used in the interior in harbor based boats

Kusia (Opepe), Nauclea diderrichii (Very durable)

Used in boat building (except bent work)



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