Commercial fish processing in Zambia

Photos’ credit: Alick Grunnie Mbewe (Zambia)

Review: Alick Grunnie Mbewe and Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website)

Zambia processing (01) Zambia processing (02)




The inserted photos show the packaging section of one of the leading companies in Zambia that sells fish and fish fillets. This company was established in 1999 as a privately owned company whose core business is in the wholesale and distribution of fish and seafood products.

The major product lines include tilapia, “Buka Buka” (Lates stapperssii), horse mackerel, red dentex, Tanganyika sardine (kapenta) and assorted seafood.

The types of processing include gutting, filleting, and freezing. In most recently, the establishment commenced a canned Buka Project.

Tilapia required for the establishment is sourced from fish farms on Lake Kariba, Kafue River and from local rivers and lakes. Moreover, tilapia is imported from China, Thailand, India, and also from Lake Harvest, Zimbabwe.  The dry Kapenta is obtained from Lake Kariba and Lake Tanganyika. The horse Mackerel is imported from Namibia, while the seafood is imported from Namibia, Tanzania and South Africa.



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