Sekondi fish market in Ghana

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Sekondi fish market (Ghana)




The inserted photo was taken in Sekondi which is the largest fishing town in the Secondi Takoradi Metropolitan (STMA). It is also the administrative capital of the Metropolitan. The Sekondi fish market is about 15 minutes’ walk from the center of the community.

The photo shows the scattered fish displays whereas the “Ahantas” are the majority of the people in the market. The “Ahanta” fish-mongers are selling fish which they purchase from the Sekondi fishing harbor.

Currently, most artisanal fishermen from this district prefer to land their catches at the fishing harbor in Sekondi where they are assured of spot payment.

It may worth mentioning that fishing and fish trade play an important role in the economy and livelihoods of local communities in the district.




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