Scallop ranching – Video


This video was filmed in deep sea water in Scotland

Video credit: Grant Campbell (Scot-Hatch Ltd, Scotland)

Review: Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the video channel)


The scallop shown in this video is king scallop which is produced through “Scallop ranching” in Scotland. The scallop ranching has launched as a result of the significant decline in the natural stocks of scallop on the North West of Scotland. The main target of scallop ranching is to establish a sustainable and reliable source of scallops. In the existing project, the young scallops are produced in an in-house hatchery, to be grown on the seabed then harvest them by divers as they reach the market size. It is believed that diver caught scallops attract premium prices compared to dredge caught scallops. In addition, harvesting by divers causes no damage to the seabed. The video addressed main issues in the ranching process such as the selection of ranching site as well as the stocking density.



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