Pond feeding of snakehead using extruded feed in Vietnam – Video

Video credit: Hai DO Xuan (Vietnam)

Review: Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the video channel)

Source: www.fishconsult.org

Snakehead (02)




Carnivorous snakehead is a popular freshwater fish in Vietnam because of its fine flesh and flavor as well as its important role in human health. The main species of snakehead farmed in Vietnam is the common snakehead (Channa striatus); the giant snakehead (Channa micropeltes) is also farmed.

Traditionally, snakeheads were mainly fed trash fish (by catch from marine fisheries) or wild freshwater fish. The growing demand on wild fish by snakehead farming exerted significant pressure on freshwater resources in the Mekong. The use of trash/wild fish in snakehead feeding has been found unstable and said to contribute to the depletion of wild fish resources, more water pollution, and unsustainable development. This led to gradual shifting to extruded snakehead feed.

Reports and case studies show that the use of commercial extruded feed resulted in higher growth rate, better pond economics and more sustainable farming system. Upon the use of extruded feed, an average value of feed conversion ratio of about 1.2 – 1.4:1 is a reasonable estimate. The 5 to 6 month growing period is enabling a two crops/year. The popular for common snakehead is 600-700 g/fish.

The video has been filmed in a typical snakehead pond whereas the high density of stocked fish as well as the aggressive feeding is obvious.



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