Thanks to Mom Dove for trusting us

Day: 8 June, 2016

Nesting dove in my home



We understand you do not have facebook account. You established your nest and laid your eggs outside the window of our kitchen while we were in a short vacation in the Red Sea region (18-22 May). We discovered that upon our return. Since then we did all our best to act quietly in the kitchen area and we promise to continue to be like that until you leave. From your side, you were smart enough to get acquainted with the unavoidable noise of kitchen machines and microwave. As the time goes, you allowed my wife to slightly slide about 10 cm of the kitchen window. Before I forget, we should congratulate you for you newly hatched babies. This means you are going to fly days/weeks from today. Thanks for allowing me to photograph and film you throughout the whole period. We know that there were two incidences of misunderstanding, we were trying to be better hosts and we never meant to bother you and your babies. We feel happy you continue to feel secure in our kitchen premise. It seems we are going to miss you in days or weeks from now. I really admire and respect your dedication throughout the past three weeks during which you showed outstanding level of maternal care. From my side, we will always remember you through publishing a film about the whole story. For the moment, hope you continue enjoying your stay and hope you remember your nest here and you may come back. Who knows?




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