Lift-net fishing in Bangladesh

Photo credit: World Fish Center

Review: Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website)

Lift net fishing in Bangladesh



Lift net is a relatively large framed bag or basket-shaped net with an opening facing upward to enable vertical fishing. Lift nets are submerged into the water to the desired depth, and once the targeted fish are above the netting, the net is then lifted from the water. The small-size net is mostly hand-operated and portable. However, in larger operations, the net is lifted mechanically either from the shore (shore-operated lift net), aided by levering arrangement as shown in the photo or operated on a boat (boat-operated lift net). The catching process is sometimes supported by lights to attract fish over the net opening. Lift nets are generally used to catch small pelagic species, fish and squid. In Bangladesh, the lift net is locally called Dharma Jal or “shib jal”.




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