Stock enhancement of threatened indigenous riverine fish species in Bangladesh

Photos’ credit: Abu Sayed Talukder and Zahangir Alam (Bangladesh)

Review: Abu Sayed Talukder and Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website)

stock-enhancement-of-riverine-fish-in-bangladesh-02 stock-enhancement-of-riverine-fish-in-bangladesh-01




These particular pictures show the restocking practice in Ghagot River. The target of the restocking practice as the one seen in the attached pictures target is to promote small indigenous species especially those close to extinction. These species include threatened species such as snakeheads of the species (Channa punctatus), and (Channa striatus), climbing perch (Anabas testudineus), etc.

A study on fish ecology and production in 92 rivers of Rajshahi Division, revealed that there are variety of challenges are facing the rivers and so its fishery. These include siltation, erosion, low water flow, decreased depth and low fish production. The study cited that thirty one fish species have extinct from the rivers of Rajshahi division and 25 fish species are under threat of extinction during the time of the study (2003). It has been highlighted that because water flow in most study rivers decreases alarmingly especially in winter season, many rivers have silted up, consequently breeding and nursery grounds of most riverine fish species have decreased drastically.




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