Liming fish ponds in Tanzania

Photo credit: Emmanuel Godfrey Maneno and Mashaka Shabani Kapagalla (Tanzania)

Review: Emmanuel Godfrey Maneno, Mashaka Shabani Kapagalla and Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website)

Liming a fish pond in Tanzania


The farm shown in the inserted picture is located at Bagamayo, Saadani (Pwani region). The liming carried out here is done to correct the acidity of pond soil. The species cultured in such pond are tilapia and African catfish. An average size of a fish pond such as the picture is about 2000 m2 with a dimension of 20×100 m. The water source provided to fish ponds in this location comes from River Wami whereas its water is subject to monthly sampling indicating good quality for aquaculture.




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