Behind the pictures: Malawi fish farmers study tour in Egypt (Typical opening and unique graduation)

04 Training 22 Boat closing (8) 21-30 June, 2004 03 Training 22 Certificate (2) 21-30 June, 2004 02 In Service Visit to Manzala Fish Farm 21-30 June, 2004 01 Training 22 Openning 21-30, 2004

The study tour was supported by Japan International Cooperation Agency – Malawi (JICA) and took place throughout the period from 21 to 30 June, 2004. In addition to a 3-day training delivered in the World Fish facility at Abbassa, the remaining period were spent in touring aquaculture operations in several governorates (hatcheries, fish farms, Nile cages, feed mills etc.) whereas the World Fish Center organized the study tour which focused more on visiting aquaculture.

The said mission was led by Dr. Dr Emmanuel Kaunda (Bunda College of Agriculture – University of Malawi) and supported by Mr. Sachio Yamamoto, Project Manager Master Plan Study on Aquaculture Development in Malawi. The study mission composed mainly from fish farmers along with two technical staff who belonged to Department of Fishery in Malawi.  

(Mr. Nikoloma, Mr. J.J. Ngambi, Mr. R. Jere,  Mr. Peter Ngoma, Mr. Zembere, Dr. G. Chinkhuntha, and Dr. R. Chokani).

The unique issue in this course is the graduation day which tuned into a nice and memorial event. Because the program was very packed, the graduation ceremony and the invitation by Mr. Yahaya M’madi, Malawi Ambassador in Egypt were combined in one event that took place on 30 June, 2004 on a Nile cruise in Cairo where certificates were circulated.   



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