Commercial culture of abalone in South Africa

Photos’ credit: Hussein El Ghobashy (Egypt)

Review: Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website)

Commercial culture of abalone in South Africa (02) Commercial culture of abalone in South Africa (01)



The inserted pictures were taken in a commercial abalone farm in South Africa. The farm which is the first abalone farm in South Africa is located at Hermanus which is a seaside town southeast of Cape Town, Western Cape Province.

According to the company brochure, the production of abalone amounted 310 tons of abalone in 2013. The company has four farms covering combined 10 hectares and house over 2,000 land-based tanks. A self-sufficiency of abalone spat is achieved through a hatchery producing more than 4 million spats of African abalone (Haliotis Midae). The number of hatchery produced spat is sufficient to fulfill the requirements of the company farms and allow selling of excess spats. In regard to the trade, this operation has its own processing plant whereas canned, dried and live abalone is prepared /produced for local and export markets.  More than 7,000 tons of seawater from the Indian Ocean is pumped every hour.  

Key reference: Abagold brochure and website

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