Fish Culture Development training course (Africa) – 2017 – Egypt – Updated

The present 10-week course is being organized by EICA in partnership with FAO. In this course, I delivered my first lecture when the attendants were seven participants.  In few days, the target participation has been achieved. The 14 course participants are:

Gideon Gicheru, Jesee Maina Nyokabi and Mercy maiyo (Kenya), Muriisa Emmanuel (Rwanda);  Assam Eldeen Mohamed, Mutasim Yousif and Fatima Yousif (Sudan); Raphael Mahinya and Oswald John Alonga, Lucka Paschal, Jamila Ibrahim and Pudensiana C. Panga (Tanzania); David Mubeezi and Nuwasiima Saverino (Uganda).

Over years, it has been always a pleasure to contribute to the training courses organized by the Egyptian International Center for Agriculture (EICA) including this course.


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