Fish hatchery management (Updated 2018 version)

This lecture on the management starts general information related to the modes of reproduction in various groups of aquatic organisms as illustrated by pictures and tables highlighting the significant differences in the modes of reproduction among various fish groups ranging from scattering eggs to giving birth passing by the key related information such as fecundity, parental care and other reproduction parameters. The focus of the lecture has been placed on the hatchery technology of fish species giving examples of various groups of finfishes and crustaceans in freshwater and marine waters including acquiring broodstock, hatchery facilities, reproduction technology (natural – artificial) and the relation of adopted technologies to the biology of fish as well as the economic considerations. The lecture addressed the quality of hatchery production whether through genetic enhancement or biosecurity measures such as vaccination or disease-free protocols.

Fish Hatchery management (Updated 2018 version)

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