Hosting a generation of wild dove from eggs to flying birds (Video)

This video is a summary of much longer 6-hour clips filmed during April 2016. Upon our return from a short vacation in the Red Sea, we were surprised to find out a laying dove outside our home kitchen.

My wife and I decided to provide quite atmosphere to the laying bird. In order to achieve that, we let the kitchen window as it was. Moreover, the noisy kitchen apparatus were not in use and so on. For my curiosity, I decided to document the whole period on daily basis and in most times for several times every day. In order to that, I performed the task quietly and from enough distance until the bird got acquainted with my camera. During the 24 days, the following events could be shared here:

I tried to use my camera from inside the kitchen to get a better close-up picture for the mom and hatched babies, but it appeared the bird was scared and flew. We felt sad about that and waited until the bird was back and decided not to do that again.

After hatching, the baby birds we left unattended for hours before a parent bird arrives to feed the young.

From day to day, it became obvious how their vigorous feeding developed along with the growth of young bird as seen in their size, feathering and beak darkening

The parent bird was never spotted after about a week after the egg hatching. I do not know, if she continued to visit during night or the food she provided was sufficient to support the growth of the young

I felt that the two birds were always in physical contact; probably to feel secure

I was really touched when one of the birds left leaving its sibling behind

It was obvious that the lonely bird suffered of broken leg Finally the last bird left the place reaching a lower stage hopefully it was a transit in its way upward

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