Pond construction and establishing a harvest ditch (Egypt) – Video

Credit of the video: El-Sadig Arbab Hagar (Sudan); description: Abdel Rahman El Gamal

Looking at the fish farm size in Egypt and so pond size, using the machinery in pond construction is the practical option. The intensification level of farming practices greatly influence the size of fish pond. A pond of a hectar or slightly less is commonly used in semi-intensive systems whereas larger size ponds are used in less intensive systems. In such large ponds, fish harvest represents a major task in regard to physical action and/or financial cost. Fish farmers in Egypt adopt the use of harvest ditch and manage fish harvesting in an efficient way using the ditch which could be in the middle of the pond or could surround the pond. In this system, seining is practiced while water depth is sufficient to perform seining. Afterwards, when pond water is drained properly, fish will follow the lowering water towards the ditch and fish will be effectively harvested effectively from the ditch. Harvest ditch helps in the drying of pond bottom and if a sort of treatment is required (e.g. disinfectants), the application will be restricted to limited area (the ditch).

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