Fish Culture Development training course – Egypt (2012)

The technical session of the 75-day “Fish Culture Development” training course started in Cairo on 07 October, 2012. This course is supported by the Egyptian International Centre for Agriculture (EICA). The participants in the course are Edang Jean Pierre (Cameroon), Alexis Mbetigaza (Central Africa), Gabriel Raul Rubio (Chile), Kajally Sarr (Gambia), Ammishaddai Quartey (Ghana), Ricardo Morales Rodriguez (Guatemala), Nantinora Kharbuli (India), Solah Ahmad (Indonesia), Emmanuel Gbigbi (Liberia), BE Jean Jacques (Madagascar), Kadidiatou Soumare (Mali), Seikou Oumar Coulebaly (Mali), Vinesh Emrith (Mauritius), Gerardo Ontiveros Lopez (Mexico), Silvio Rene Picado (Nicaragua), Ibrahim Abubakar (Nigeria), Mukhtiar Ahmed (Pakistan), Wilder Rodriguez Arteaga (Peru), Leandre Ndahayo (Rwanda), Mohamed Mirghani (Sudan), Worawut Koedprang (Thailand), Pham Beigue Alfa (Togo), Nguyen Van Hoa (Vietnam), and Lumbwe Kalumba (Zambia). Dr. El Gamal is contributing by several lectures in this course. Both pictures were taken on Sunday, 15 October, 2012.

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