Culture of guapote tiger, Parachromis managuensis in Panama

Credit: Rosa Bellido de Cedeno (Panama)                 Review: Rosa Bellido de Cedeno and Abdel Rahman El Gamal

Guapote tiger, Parachromis managuensis  is native to the Republic of Costa Rica and Lake of the Republic of Nicaragua. It has more of common names including “jaguar cichlid”, “jaguar guapote” or “managua cichlid”. Because this species is carnivore, it may be used to control the unwanted reproduction of farmed tilapia whereas the recommended ration is (1) guapote for (5) tilapia. This species may exhibit cannibalism through the predation on their own offspring. In general, this fish is hardy fish in relation to environmental issues as well as disease resistance.

Guapote Tigre (Panama)

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