Sun-drying of fish in Elmina, Central region (Ghana)

Credit: John Francis Ababio (Ghana)

The pictures were taken at Elmina; a fishing community along the coast in the Central Region of Ghana. Sun drying is very common in fishing communities: both inland and marine fisheries.

Salted and dried fish is quite cheaper than both fresh and smoked fish. Low-income customers sometimes go in for the dried fish. Almost all the species landed and or cultured are sun-dried in Ghana.

Sun drying is not restricted to any particular species. There isn’t much in terms of technology when it pertains to sun drying. Some people dry in the sand along the beaches and river banks whereas others erect waist high platforms on when it is done. The solar tunnel dryer is now being introduced to fisher folk. It is more hygienic and efficient.

Usually fish is dried by the fishermen and their wives and in rare cases, traders who buy fresh fish, but are unable to sell it all in a day. This raises the need for storage facilities.

Sun-drying of fish in Ghana (01) Sun-drying of fish in Ghana (2)


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