Prior-harvest sampling of Nile tilapia (economic sizes and marketing scenarios) in Egypt – Video

The video shows prior-harvest sampling of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus). As seen in the seine, sampled tilapia falls in the category of super tilapia that averages or exceeds 400-500 g. Based on household patterns of fish consumption, the super tilapia is not affordable to low and/or medium-income families due to its higher price. This indicates a relative difficulty in marketing this premium-size tilapia and limits their target consumers to high income households. Moreover, the economics and so the profitability of super tilapia compared to grade-1 tilapia (200-250 g) has not been scientifically assessed. In other words, farm economics might be better and marketing would most likely be easier if the first grade tilapia is targeted instead of super-size especially when the economic law of diminishing return is considered. However, the super tilapia of 800 g and above could be justified if tilapia is processed and filleted for either local market or for export.

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