Collection of wild fry and fingerlings of meagre (Argyrosomus regius) in Egypt

Credit: Sherif Sadek (Egypt)

The existing farming of meagre or (meager) in Egypt relies on wild caught fry and fingerlings.  The collection is carried out by the Mediterranean coast and takes place from April till early June. The estimated number of collected meagre fry and fingerlings goes from 2 to 5 million/year.  The preferred habitats for the species are located between 5 and 15 m depth, and characterized by the presence of shelters beneath rocky boulders next to sea-grass meadows. The size of collected fry or fingerlings ranges from about 2.5 com during April, 5-10 cm in May and exceeds 10 cm at the ending of the season in June.

 Collection of wild meagre fry (01) Collection of wild meagre fry (02)


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