Recreational fishing in Egypt – Hamata (Red Sea – Egypt) – Hook and line fishing – Video

Video credit: Waleed Masood (Egypt)                                  Review: Abdel Rahman El Gamal

Hamata is the most southerly diving resort in Egypt’s Red Sea; situated about 180 km south of Marsa Alam, and about 360km south of Hurghada. Recently, Hamata is quickly becoming one of the southern Red Sea’s finest attractions. The mangroves attract a wide variety of birds all year round, with many more passing by during migration times.

Hamata is one of the best dive sites in the Red Sea. Similarly, Hamata could be one of the best fishing locations in the Red Sea region. Along with the great coral life there is the chance to see a variety of marine life including Barracuda, Dolphins, Turtles, Napoleon Wrasse, Reef Sharks, Stingrays, Moray Eels, Pipefish and even the occasional passing Whale Shark or Manta Ray.

The video shows that the use of hook and line which is a common method among hobbyists

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