Historic information on the processing of eels in Comacchio, Italy

Source of the photo: Les merveilles de la science – Chapter Pisciculture, by: Louis Figuier.

Publisher: Furne, Jouvet et Cie.  Year : 1869

Caption of the photo (in French): Manufacture pour la preparation et la salaison des poissons de la lagune de comacchio

Review: Abdel Rahman El Gamal

The figure shows a room in a factory where the Comacchio eels is prepared. The description of the figure and operation in the source are in French.

The more in depth review tells how these facility were used in the production process of cured and roasted eels. In Comacchio the marinating of eels goes back centuries and took place at processing factories. The eels used to reach the processing factory alive as transported in covered boats. In the factory, eels were handled by women and men according to different tasks that included cutting, spiking, cooking over open flame fire, then packing the product in a vinegar and saltwater brine. It may worth mentioning that the present authority of Comacchio County commissioned a restoration program for the ancient preparation of eels as practiced in the old days.

Historic processing of eels in Italy



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