Culture of Cachama white (Piaractus brachypomus) in Colombia

Credit: Eudes Emilio Sanchez (Colombia)

The fish specimen shown in the photo is White Cachama, (Piaractus brachypomus) which belongs to the family Serrasalmidae. The Cachama white is a native to Colombia and widely distributed within South America, The species enjoys consumer preference and so good market due to its good quality flesh.  This species suits well to aquaculture conditions and can reach an average weight of 500 g in 6 months when stocked at a density of 4 fish/m2density with a constant water supply.

This species is recommended for rural communities. It accepts commercial concentrates as well as can feed on palm seed cultivation, bore, papaya, guava, banana, maize, cassava leaves, etc. as a dietary supplement. This means they could be fed on concentrates in the morning while offered any of the mentioned supplemental food in the afternoon.

The specimen in the photo is for a male of white cachama that undergoes the selection for reproduction induction.

 White Cachama (Colombia)


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