Fishing traps “gargoor” and ghost fishing – Video

The video shows three fish traps on a fishing boat in Omani waters.

Review on fish trapping in general: Abdel Rahman El Gamal

GargoorFish trapping which is popular traditional fishing gear has been found effective in catching fresh fish compared to other methods. The trap seen in the video which is named “gargoor” in the gulf region is a hemispherical steel mesh fish trap with a revolving trap door attached to a coned gate which leads the fish towards the bait. A buoy (float) is included.

If the fishing traps got discarded, lost, or abandoned, the trap fishing turns into what is known by “Ghost fish” which describes the situation when the lost or abandoned trap continues to entrap fishes ending by fish killing causing negative impacts on the environment, navigation and fishery resources.

Various measures have been recommended and/or adopted to mitigate ghost fishing whether at country, regional or international levels. These include limiting the number of traps per each fishing vessel and initiating programs and foundations related to ghost fishing. The use of biodegradable grid in each trap is among the recommended measures to tackle the ghost fishing phenomenon.


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