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Improving the biosecurity measures in shrimp farm using foot bath in Thailand

 Credit: Worawut Koedprang (Thailand)           Review: Worawut Koedprang and Abdel Rahman El Gamal The photo shows a foot bath placed at the entrance of shrimp pond. This simple facility helps to minimize the chances of disease infection/transfer. Potassium permanganate at 10 mg/l or iodophore at 200 mg/l are common disinfectants used in foot …

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Production and export of Chilean salmon

Photo credit: Gabriel Rubio (Chile)          Information and review: Abdel Rahman El Gamal Production overview: The development of the Chilean salmon farming industry provides a model of by fast growth, high competitiveness and successful industry placing Chile in the second-largest salmon producer and exporter globally (after Norway). The remarkable development of Chilean salmon aquaculture has taken …

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