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Artisanal fishery in Lake Peten Itzá (Guatemala)

Credit: Manuel Cano Alfaro (Guatemala) The photo shows a typical artisanal fishery practice in Lake Peten Itzá, Guatemala. The fishing crew involves two fishermen who both cooperate in setting the fishing seine. Afterwards, a fisherman of the two who stays in the fishing boat (not shown in the photo) beats water surface using a pole to …

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An artisanal fishing boat “Aliyab” in South Sudan

Credit: Juma Frezar (South Sudan) The local name of this artisanal fishing boat is “Aliyab” after the name of Aliyab city in the state of Lakes where these boats are built by specialized boat builders. Boats are made of doum palm (gingerbread tree). The length of this type of fishing boat ranges from 3-4 meters.  The …

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