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Aerial View of the fish farm “Punta Negra”, Uruguay

Credit: Claudia Turra (Uruguay) This facility is located in Maldonado Department, Uruguay. It´s a company dedicated to the production of Red Claw lobster to gastronomic purposes, ornamental fish like goldfish and Koi carp, and fry production of black catfish (southamerican cathfish), grass carp and Madrecita de agua (Cnesterodon desemmaculatus). The photo shows the earthen ponds …

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Breeding of ornamental fish in Uruguay

Credit: Alejandro Perretta (Uruguay) The breeding of ornamental fish is considered the oldest aquaculture activity in Uruguay. This activity, despite being undervalued by big businessmen, it takes place in a national market in which they move about 500,000 fish per year, most of which are bred in Uruguay by artisanal farmers. This number is considered …

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Women in ornamental fish farming in Nepal

This project proposal addresses social and economic aspects through empowering the role of fisher women in ornamental fish farming in Chitwan Valley (Nepal) as a means to reducing the migration to cities and create jobs. The strategy of this project is to nurse hatchlings of gold fish and koi carp which are produced in hatcheries and …

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